I’m glad you’re here. I’m Emily, the main writer behind The Cultures We Make. I work as a Culture & Impact Strategist for social entrepreneurs. I’m also a life-long learner with degrees in Global Studies and Depth Psychology. My work experience has been in finance, operations, and team dynamics. With this blended background, I specialize in balancing company culture aspirations with the real demands of small businesses.

The Cultures We Make

Business is a driving force in society. Regardless of whether or not a business considers this, it inevitably has a culture and makes an impact. I’m interested in how we can create more businesses that put culture and impact front and center, not as an afterthought. Because the truth is, we can’t effectively address the social and environmental challenges of our time without thinking deeply about how we do business. Business is all about the exchange of resources and one of the questions of our time is - how can we move into more relational and regenerative ways of sharing resources?

Recently, I’ve noticed a cultural shift in the way we think about business and work. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Customers and team members are becoming increasingly aware of the true culture of the businesses they engage with. Gone are the days of companies being able to loudly profess their values and quietly not follow through on them. Yet, there’s little, if any, support for small business founders who are already strapped for time and resources. It’s a lot of pressure to carry alone.

I help purpose-led organizations create cultures that are celebrated by the people and places they impact. This newsletter is an exploration of how to achieve the highest vision founders have for their companies in sustainable and efficient ways.

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